Livermush Festival Shelby

Livermush is  a United that is southern states product composed  of pig the liver, head elements, and cornmeal. Its typically spiced with sage and pepper. (Source).

If the perhaps not through  the south, you probably never have consumed livermush. I favor it fried thin and crunchy. My girl and partner choose it heavy along with  a small soft in the middle. Either way you consume  it, its on that is good bread. It rests beside  the tomato or grilled cheese sandwich for  a southern house dining table. Its good with eggs for break fast also.

Today we kept the house and headed to Shelby new york when it comes to yearly livermush festival. I became getting an ole that is good mush sandwich for meal.

False. As soon as  we had gotten truth be told there, the streets had been full of sellers, crafts, beer, dog shows and undoubtedly, yes, livermush stands.

Nonetheless, the relative contours happened to be such a long time it can are time for food three before I would have obtained one. Im some of  those that will not stand-in a line that is long one thing, though a livermush sandwich seemed worthwhile.

We stepped around a small bit subsequently went back into town. Just a  little dissatisfied that we didnt get yourself a livermush sandwich but its okay. I am aware spots around community that can fry one up in a jiffy. The twelfth grade used to offer it during  the ballgames plus it was obviously  a big hit.

One cool thing my husband bought  at the festival was this t-shirt.

This has actually  been colored with new york Red dust. Hmmm. We realized that stuff would  be good for some thing. I question just how moms that are many took to figure this fad out?
Pretty cool huh.

Haha, my husband simply said “are you really running a blog regarding  the livermush sandwich we didnt get?”